Shiloh Baptist Church
New Here?
We all were new, at one time, and we remember what it's like. So we've provided the information below, knowing that it's easier to venture into a new place when you know what to expect.

About Us
Shiloh exists to encourage all people to pursue a lifelong, fulfilled relationship with Jesus Christ.

Sunday Mornings
God continues to bring many to Shiloh each Sunday, and we have volunteers working hard to make sure all visitors are welcomed and encouraged.

Our congregation spans a range of ages and backgrounds. The pastors on-stage dress conservatively, but you'll see people in the pews dressed in all styles—from jeans to business suits. Shiloh Baptist Church offers a blended worship experience.

Each service lasts for one hour. Near the beginning, the pastor will encourage you to greet the people sitting around you, but no one will single you out as a visitor. Also, we don't expect our visitors to give. So feel free to let the offering plate pass by when it comes down your row.

Kids are welcome to attend worship services, but we also offer a variety of Sunday-morning programs for the children. Also prior to worship, Sunday School classes offer adults a chance to connect in smaller groups.

Ready to visit for yourself?
​Click here for our Visiting Shiloh page.

Help On Sundays
If you have questions about worship or Sunday School classes, ask one of our volunteers in the Media Center off the Front Lobby, just to the right as you come in the main entrance.

Getting Connected
Getting connected at Shiloh is about relationships that get beneath the surface. Those kinds of relationships won’t come simply by attending worship services. They take time.

One way to get connected is to join a fellowship group, Sunday School class or Bible study. These are available for all ages—children, preteen, youth, singles, men, and women. These groups meet at various times during the week and on Sunday morning.

Serving others also deepens your relationship with God and people. We offer a variety of service opportunities that will connect you with a team of staff and volunteers who work together in serving others and God.

Finally, you can engage with others through further study, growth and recovery programs. From managing money to building a stronger marriage, these programs will help you know God and build relationships with His people.