Sunday school Online

Welcome to Shiloh's Sunday School Online page! Here you can find our Zoom Sunday School classes as well as a weekly updated Bible Study if you do not have a Zoom class! Want to find previous Sunday Morning Bible studies? You can find that here too!

Bible Study

Below you will find a listing of our Zoom virtual Sunday School classes. If you don't have a Zoom virtual Sunday School class, no worries! We've got you covered! Here we have a weekly Bible Study for you to watch! Just click on the video and dive into God's Word!

Want to watch previous Sunday Morning Bible studies? You can access them here!

Virtual Sunday School

Welcome to Virtual Sunday School! Here you can access your Sunday School's Zoom class at 10:30 am.
Sunday School will be a 30 minute lesson, but if your teacher needs more time, they can create a new meeting and you will have to sign back in.
Want to attend class with audio only? You can call this number: 1-669-900-6833 and key in your classes' Meeting ID to connect! Your Meeting ID can be found below! Want to attend class with video and audio? Your classroom link is below, just click on the blue button!
Agape Class
Meeting ID: 789 2965 0673
Encourager Class
Meeting ID: TBA
Growing Disciples' Class
Meeting ID: 748 0230 5729
Harvest Class
Joy Woman's Class
New Beginnings' Class
Meeting ID: TBA
Meeting ID: 720 3843 0068
Meeting ID: 771 2720 7686
Sojourners' Class
Willing Servants' Class
Titus 2 Class
Meeting ID: 720 4191 0804
Meeting ID: TBA
Meeting ID: 808 353 1195
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Children & Student Ministry Classes