For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve...

Mark 10:45

God has gifted you and made you uniquely you so that you can serve Him according to His purposes.  When you decided to follow Jesus, you were given spiritual gifts to use to serve others within the body of Christ. Your heart is passionate about certain things. You have some natural abilities – areas you're just good at. You have a unique personality that was given to you by God. And you've been through a unique set of experiences. God wants to use a mix of all of these characteristics to help you know how and where to serve Him within the body.

Ministry Action Teams

At Shiloh, volunteer opportunities to serve are organized into Ministry Action Team (or MATs). Each MAT works together to serve in a given area or to meet a specific need. The sections below describe some of the areas of service. Some areas require prior experience or prerequisites up to and including a background check. We'd love to serve side by side with you, so contact us using the form below to join a Ministry Action Team!

Sunday School Ministry

This ministry team includes our Sunday School teachers and our Sunday School Director or Sunday School Assistant Director.

Children and Student Workers

This ministry team includes serving with Vacation Bible School, Upward Soccer, the Children's Easter Program, or Children's Ministry Directors.

Young Adult Ministry

This ministry team helps with our YADA group. To find out more about YADA, see our Young Adults page.

Music and Technology Ministry

This ministry team is made up of our video/audio technicians, and our children's choir director. 

Church Workers Ministry

This ministry is composed of a wide variety of service opportunities such as: assistant treasurer, church clerk, usher, in-reach/outreach director, flower or kitchen coordinator, cemetery co-planner, prayer chain admin, GriefShare or DivorceCare facilitator, helping in the media center or with small groups. 

Children's Classroom Ministry

This ministry team is made up of our Children's Ministry lead teachers, assistant teachers, and helpers.

Missions and Outreach Ministry

This ministry team assists with our Trail Life and Heritage program, Operation INASMUCH, or school outreach.

Leadership Ministry Teams

This area of ministry includes teams such as: Budget & Finance, Ministry Placement, Decorating, Homecoming, Social Events, Building & Grounds, Personnel, Historical Records, Parking, Hospitality, Long-Range Planning, Bereavement, Medical Assistant, and Bus Leadership.

Join us as we serve together!

Saved people, Serve people.

The greatest way to serve God on earth is to serve people, whom God loves. 

Questions about serving?

We love to clarify serving requirements. Please reach out if you still have questions.